Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

I have compiled this hymn-and-tune book in the hope that it might be acceptable and useful to our brethren in Primitive Baptist churches of the old line. I've tried to ensure that its texts are sound in doctrine and express true Christian experience, and to make the book complete enough to be used without supplement. I've also done my best to provide appropriate, varied, and singable music for every hymn.

In assembling this volume, I have had the assistance of many able brothers and sisters, and have consulted the hymnals of Bro. D.H. Goble; Elders Benjamin Lloyd, Gilbert Beebe, Wilson Thompson, Walter Cash, John Daily; and others. We have not tried to make a new thing, but to assemble and make more usable for our brethren the best of what we already have.

The hymnal contains 847 hymns set to about 200 tunes in shape-note notation, arranged by topic in a clear, easy-to-understand layout. It has indexes by first line and tune.

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Although we have tried to produce a volume free from error, we have surely failed, and the errors are mine. If you notice errors, please contact me so I may correct them in any future editions.