Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #103: By Faith, My Christ I Now Behold

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103 (C.M.) Richard Burnham

By faith, my Christ I now behold

On yonder gloomy tree;

He bleeds to put my sins away —

He dies, my soul, for thee.

Oh, see the bleeding Prince of Life

On Calv'ry's mount expire!

Muse on the wondrous scene of love,

And reigning grace admire.

Stretched on the cross thy Saviour hung,

Sustained thy heavy load,

Washed all thy dreadful crimes away,

In streams of richest blood.

Now in this consecrated road,

Oh! may we ever move,

'Til heav'nly anthems fill our souls,

In the pure realms above.

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