Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #107: Not Unto Us, But Thee Alone

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107 (C.M.) John Cennick

Not unto us, but Thee alone,

Blest Lamb, be glory giv'n;

Here shall Thy praises be begun,

And carried on in heav'n.

The hosts of spirits now with Thee

Eternal anthems sing;

To imitate them here, lo! we

Our hallelujahs bring.

Had we our tongues like them inspired,

Like theirs our songs should rise;

Like them we never should be tired,

But love the sacrifice.

'Til we the veil of flesh lay down,

Accept our weaker lays;

And when we reach Thy blissful throng;

We'll give Thee nobler praise.

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