Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #110: Infinite Grace! And Can It Be

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110 (L.M.) William Tucker

Infinite grace! and can it be

That heaven supreme should stoop so low

To visit one so vile as I,

One who has been its bitt'rest foe?

Can holiness and wisdom join

With truth, with justice, and with grace,

To make eternal blessings mine,

And sin, with all its guilt, erase?

Oh, love beyond conception great,

That formed the vast, stupendous plan

Where all divine perfections meet

To reconcile rebellious man.

There wisdom shines in fullest blaze,

And justice all her rights maintains;

Astonished angels stoop to gaze

While mercy o'er the guilty reigns.

Yes, mercy reigns, and justice too;

In Christ harmoniously they meet;

He paid to justice all her due,

And now He fills the mercy-seat.

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