Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #111: High On A Throne My Lord Doth Sit

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111 (L.M.)

High on a throne my Lord doth sit,

Though once He suffered here below

In groans, and tears, and blood, and sweat

Such pain as mortals never know.

And shall I now forgetful be

Of His sharp sorrows, while He hung

Extended on th'accursed tree,

Tortured by spear, and whips and thorns.

No! rather, let me ever mourn,

And weep o'er my expiring God ;

For 'twas my sins and not His own,

That drained His last remaining blood.

Lord, how shall I a tribute bring,

For such immeasurable grace?

For Thou wast once for me made sin.

That I might be Thy righteousness.

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