Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #113: High On His Father'S Royal Seat

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113 (L.M.) Philip Doddridge

High on His Father's royal seat,

Our Jesus shone divinely great

Ere Adam's clay with life was warmed,

Or Gabriel's nobler spirit formed.

Through all succeeding ages, He

The same hath been, the same shall be;

Immortal radiance gilds His head,

While stars and sun wax old, and fade.

The same His pow'r His flock to guard;

The same His bounty to reward;

The same His faithfulness and love

To saints on earth and saints above.

Let nature change, and sink, and die —

Jesus shall raise His chosen high,

And fix them near His heav'nly throne

In glory changeless as His own.

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