Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #128: Sinners, Away From Sinai Fly

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128 (L.M.) Joseph Swain

Sinners, away from Sinai fly;

To Calv'ry's bloody scene repair.

Behold the King of glory die

And read your peace and pardon there.

Search into ev’ry open wound,

Trace the sharp scourge, the nails, the spear;

And full salvation will be found,

In golden letters written there.

No works of man to raise the sum

Or pay the ransom must be brought;

Helpless and poor to Jesus come,

Nor strive to bring a perfect thought.

Your faith, your hope and righteousness,

Are treasured up in Him alone,

And rich supplies of grace and peace

Spring from the works your Lord has done.

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