Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #137: O Sir, We Would See Jesus

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O sir, we would see Jesus,

The blessed Prince of Love,

He only can relieve us,

And all our griefs remove.

O tell us. as a preacher,

Where Jesus Christ doth dwell,

Describe his charming feature,

His glowing beauties tell.

O sir, we would see Jesus,

The sinner's constant friend,

We know He won't deceive us,

But love us to the end.

His blessèd word assures us,

His hidden ones shall stand,

His mighty arm secures us

From all the hostile band.

O sir, we would see Jesus,

The glorious King of Grace;

A sight of Him would ease us,

And fill our souls with peace.

We would behold His beauty,

And run into His arms,

And learn the Christian's duty,

Amidst those blessèd charms.

O sir, we would see Jesus,

As Prophet, Priest, and King;

We hope He will receive us,

Though we are poor and mean:

For in the Holy Scriptures

This sacred truth we find,

He saves such wretched creatures

Of meek and lowly mind.

O sir, we would see Jesus,

And at His feet adore;

His ways, although mysterious,

We humbly would explore.

Oh, tell us how to find Him,

And how we may Him know:

Where does this Rose of Sharon,

This spotless Lily, grow?

O sir, we would see Jesus,

And hearken to his voice,

Oh, this would greatly please us,

And make our hearts rejoice;

This sound is so inviting,

It brings the dead to life;

This sound is so transporting,

It ends the sinner's strife.

O sir, we would see Jesus

Descending from above,

And taking up His jewels,

The objects of His love;

The sun and moon in mourning,

The stars of heaven fall,

The awful trumpet sounding

The universal call.

O sir, we would see Jesus

On that great burning day,

Collecting all His children

To carry them away

Unto their seats in glory,

Forever there to sing,

And tell the blessed story

Of Jesus Christ their King.

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