Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #143: As Moses Lifts The Serpent High

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143 (L.M.) John Kent

As Moses lifts the serpent high,

At God's command, lest Israel die,

So in the gospel, full and free,

Let Jesus now exalted be.

Lift Him, ye heralds sent of God,

Proclaim the virtue of His blood,

Point sinners there, though vile as hell,

Whose rankling wounds with venom swell.

Lift Him on high as God the Son,

With seraphs waiting at His throne:

Supreme in pow'r, in love supreme,

Mighty to save and to redeem.

Lift Him in all his bloody hue.

As Israel's hope, and portion too;

And thither lead the weary saint,

The weak, the wounded, and the faint.

With "Look and live," as Israel did

Their rising doubts and fears forbid,

Declare His blood, how rich and full

To make their past transgressions null.

Oh! wondrous cross, O bleeding Lamb!

I'll sing Thy love and tell Thy fame,

And taught to feel my sin and woe,

Will to Thy wounds for shelter go.

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