Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #145: Jesus His Name, It Shall Be Called

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145 (C.M.) R.H. Pittman

Jesus His name, it shall be called,

The holy angel said,

For "He shall save His people" all

By suff'ring in their stead.

This heav'nly message we believe:

That Christ should come to save;

This precious gospel we receive,

And give Him all the praise.

He healed the sick, gave back the dead,

He spake and it was done,

And trusting Him, we need not dread

The cold and silent tomb.

He rose a victor over death

And back to Heav'n has gone,

But will return again to earth

To take His people home.

O blessèd Jesus, my dear Friend,

Alone I look to Thee;

And when my little life shall end,

I pray remember me.

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