Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #147: Jesus, Th' Eternal Son Of God

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147 (C.M.) Thomas Gibbons

Jesus, th' eternal Son of God,

Whom seraphim obey,

The bosom of the Father leaves,

And enters human clay.

Into our sinful world He comes,

The messenger of grace,

And on the bloody tree expires,

A victim in our place.

Our Jesus saves from sin and hell;

His words are true and sure,

And on this rock, our faith may rest

Immovably secure.

Oh, let these tidings be received

With more than earthly joy,

And let the high angelic praise

Our tuneful pow'rs employ!

"Glory to God, who gave His Son

To bear our shame and pain;

Hence, peace on earth, and grace to men

In endless blessings reign."

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