Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #161: See The Lord Of Glory Dying

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161 (8.8.7.D)

See the Lord of glory dying!

See Him gasping, hear Him crying!

See His burdened bosom heave!

Look. ye sinners, ye that hung Him,

Look, how deep your sins have stung Him;

Dying sinners, look and live!

Heaven's bright melodious legions,

Chanting to the tuneful regions,

Cease to thrill the quiv'ring string:

Songs seraphic all suspended

'Til the mighty war is ended

By the all-victorious King.

Hell, and all the pow'rs infernal,

Vanquished by the King eternal,

When be poured the vital flood!

By His groans, which shook creation,

Lo! we sound the proclamation,

"Peace and pardon through His blood."

Shout, ye saints, with admiration;

Fill with songs the wide creation,

Since He's risen from the grave:

Shout, with joyful acclamation,

To the Rock of your salvation,

Who alone hath pow'r to save.

Bear with patience tribulation,

Overcoming all temptation,

'Til the glorious jubilee:

Soon, He'll come with bursts of thunder;

Then we shall adore and wonder,

Singing on the highest key.

See the blissful scene before us!

Join the universal chorus;

Bid the flowing numbers rise;

Songs immortal sweetly sounding,

Notes angelic loud resounding,

Trembling 'round the vocal skies.

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