Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #162: There Is A Name Whose Music Thrills

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162 ( Sallie Bartley

There is a name whose music thrills

The souls with pure delight;

Before the everlasting hills

It stood, and now its glory fills

All length and breadth and height.

Before the morning stars their song

Together sang on high,

In rapture it was borne along,

Unuttered by a mortal tongue,

But known to Deity.

Through all the ages it has been

A tow'r of strong defense,

A solid rock whereon to lean,

A sure relief from guilt and sin,

Our perfect righteousness.

It takes the sting of death away,

And glorifies the grave;

It turns the darkest night to day,

And sinners born again can say

It has the pow'r to save.

It is the all-prevailing name

Of Jesus, Priest, and King,

The Lamb of God, on Calv'ry slain,

Who will in His triumphant reign

His saints to glory bring.

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