Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #165: Awake, Awake, Arise

Hymn #164 Hymn #166


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165 (H.M.) John Needham

Awake, awake, arise,

And hail the glorious morn;

Hark! how the angels sing,

"To you a Saviour's born!"

Now let our hearts in concert move,

And every tongue be tuned to love.

He mortals came to save

From sin's tyrannic power:

Come, with the angels sing,

At this auspicious hour;

Let every heart and tongue combine,

To praise the love, the grace divine.

The prophecies and types,

Are all this day fulfilled;

With eastern sages join,

To praise this wond'rous child;

God's only Son is come to bless

The earth with peace and righteousness.

Glory to God on high,

For our Immanuel's birth!

To mortal men good-will,

And peace and joy on earth:

With angels now we will repeat

Their songs, still new, and ever-sweet.

Hymn #164 Hymn #166