Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #171: Hear, Gracious Sov'Reign, From Thy Throne

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The Holy Spirit

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171 (L.M.) Philip Doddridge

Hear, gracious sov'reign, from Thy throne,

And send Thy various blessings down:

While by Thine Israel Thou art sought,

Attend the prayer Thy word hath taught.

Come, sacred Spirit! from above,

And fill the coldest heart with love;

Soften to flesh the flinty stone,

And let Thy Godly pow'r be known.

Speak Thou, and from the haughtiest eyes

Shall floods of pious sorrow rise;

While all their glowing souls are borne

To seek that grace which now they scorn.

Oh, let a holy flock await

Num'rous around Thy temple-gate,

Each pressing on with zeal to be

A living sacrifice to Thee.

In answer to our fervent cries,

Give us to see Thy church arise;

Or, if that blessing be too great,

Give us to mourn its low estate.

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