Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #18: The Lord, The God Of Glory, Reigns

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Glories of God

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18 (L.M.) Anne Steele

The Lord, the God of glory, reigns

In robes of majesty arrayed;

His rule Omnipotence sustains,

And guides the worlds His hands have made.

Ere rolling worlds began to move,

Or e'er the heav'ns were stretched abroad,

Thy awful throne was fixed above —

From everlasting Thou art God.

The Lord, the mighty God on high,

Controls the fiercely raging seas;

He speaks, and noise and tempest fly,

The waves sink down in gentle peace.

Thy sov'reign laws are ever sure,

Eternal holiness is Thine;

And, Lord, Thy people should be pure,

And in Thy blessed resemblance shine.

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