Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #186: Without Thy Spirit, Lord

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The Holy Spirit

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186 (S.M.) Wilson Thompson

Without Thy Spirit, Lord,

On my own works I build;

A Pharisee of ancient stock,

My works my scheme fulfilled.

I rested here secure,

Called it the way to heav'n,

And thought if I my part performed,

My sins would be forgiv'n.

But when Thy Spirit came

Into my soul with pow'r

And gave me life and light divine,

That was an awful hour.

My sins, though dead before,

Now stared me in the face;

The law's demands I could not do,

My works were vile and base.

To work, my pow'r was gone;

My days were spent in grief;

My pray'rs, nor tears, nor vows, nor sight,

Could give my soul relief.

When sinking in despair,

Thy Spirit said, "Look here!"

Thy word a Saviour's blood revealed;

My joy dispelled my fear!

In Jesus I believed —

This faith Thy Spirit wrought;

Thy grace and Spirit led me on,

Or I should not have sought.

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