Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #188: Come, Blessèd Spirit! Source Of Light

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The Holy Spirit

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188 (L.M.) Benjamin Beddome

Come, blessèd Spirit! Source of light,

Whose pow'r and grace are unconfined,

Dispel the gloomy shades of night,

The thicker darkness of the mind.

To mine illumined eyes display

The glorious truth Thy words reveal;

Cause me to run the heav'nly way,

Make me delight to do Thy will.

Thine inward teaching make me know

The wonders of redeeming love,

The vanity of things below,

And excellence of things above.

While through these dubious paths I stray,

Spread, like the sun, Thy beams abroad,

To show the dangers of the way,

And guide my feeble steps to God.

Let Thy kind Spirit in my heart

Forever dwell, O God of love,

And light and heav'nly peace impart,

Sweet earnest of the joys above.

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