Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #19: The Righteous Lord, Supremely Great

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Glories of God

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19 (L.M.) Philip Doddridge

The righteous Lord, supremely great

Maintains His universal state;

O'er all the earth his pow'r extends,

All heav'n before His footstool bends.

Yet justice still with pow'r presides,

And mercy all His empire guides;

Mercy and truth are His delight,

And saints are lovely in His sight.

No more, ye wise, your wisdom boast;

No more, ye strong, your valor trust;

No more, ye rich, survey your store,

Elate with heaps of shining ore.

Glory, ye saints, in this alone:

That God, your God, to you is known

That you have owned His sov'reign sway;

That you have felt His cheering ray.

Our wisdom, wealth, and pow'r, we find

In one Jehovah all combined;

On him we fix our roving eyes,

And all our souls in raptures rise.

All else, which we our treasure call,

May in one fatal moment fall;

But what their happiness can move,

Whom God, the blessed, designs to love?

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