Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #192: Come, All Who Fear The Lord, And See

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The Christian

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192 (P.M.)

Come, all who fear the Lord, and see

What God has done for wretched me;

For me who wicked was;

Who vainly strutted here and there,

Could boast and swell, and curse and swear,

And bid defiance to God's word,

And hated all His cause.

I hated those who did me warn,

And treated them with silent scorn;

I wished they'd let me be.

My soul to me was nothing worth,

I thought not on eternal wrath,

But rovèd o'er the world for joys,

The charms of vanity.

Thus, while I ran this mad-like race,

Not thinking on my fearful case,

The Lord did me o'ertake;

I saw His holiness with awe,

His justice, truth, and fiery law,

Which made me own that I had sinned,

And my vile self to hate.

My life to mend I then set out,

Concluding soon without a doubt,

I should beloved be;

But soon discovered with surprise

I was all sin wrapped in disguise;

It twined about my inmost heart,

I breathed iniquity.

I read and heard, and sought in vain,

I prayed and prayed, and prayed again,

And gave my soul no ease;

Through the wild woods I roved and mourned,

But all in vain; to home returned,

And set me down, alas! and cried,

"For me there's no relief!"

I asked the men of faith to pray,

That God would take my sins away,

And bid my sorrow cease;

But no deliverance could I find —

I thought to woe I was consigned,

That therefore God refused their prayers,

Nor gave my spirit ease.

Others around me did proclaim,

The vict'ries of the slaughtered Lamb,

Redeeming them from death;

They talked, and cried, and blessed His name,

Because He bore their sin and shame,

And bowed for them, beneath the load

Of God's tremendous wrath.

Their songs of joy did grieve my soul,

Billows of woe did o'er me roll —

I thought my soul was lost;

My pray'rs were sin; my tears were vile;

My heart was full of hellish guile —

From bad to worse I thus went on,

'Til all my hopes were slain.

Thus frantic, I was filled with fear,

Just on the verge of keen despair;

I laid me down to die,

When unexpected Jesus came,

Revealed His love, and sealed His name

On my poor heart, and freely gave

My soul the victory.

His righteousness on me He placed,

My worthless soul by sin disgraced,

He made with glory shine:

My rebel-heart with love he broke,

He made me freely take His yoke;

Oh, may I bear it with delight:

His service is divine.

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