Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #203: Sometimes That Which I Most Desire

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The Christian

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203 (C.M.) T. J. Bazemore

Sometimes that which I most desire

Is not the best for me;

But God doth lead me through the fire,

To glorious victory.

Whate'er God's righteous, sov'reign will

Denies on earth to me,

Submissive, I shall trust Him still,

And He my guide shall be.

For He doth know what's best for me,

'Mid all this worldly strife,

And will my Friend and Father be,

In ev'ry phase of life.

Then why should I distrust my Lord,

And trust in mine own heart?

Why should I not believe His word,

And from all else depart?

I know if I draw nigh to God,

He will draw nigh to me;

But if I stray, He'll use the rod,

That I may righteous be.

And thus He shows His care for me,

And doeth all things well;

In goodness and in equity,

His love to me doth tell.

And when the storm of life is past,

And all these scenes are o'er,

He'll take me to Himself at last,

To reign for evermore.

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