Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #207: O Tell Me No More Of This World'S Vain Store

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The Christian

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207 (P.M.) John Gambold

O tell me no more of this world's vain store,

The time for such pleasures with me now is o'er;

The heav'nly ground where true joys abound,

My faith sees the landscape where Jesus is found.

The souls that believe with Jesus shall live,

And me in that number I hope he'll receive;

Why should I delay? — he calls me away,

Saying, "Follow thy Saviour, his voice is to-day."

No language can show what he will bestow,

What light, strength, and comfort — go after him, go:

Lo! onward we move to regions above;

None guesses how glorious our journey will prove.

Great spoils we shall win o'er death, hell, and sin;

'Midst many afflictions shall feel Christ within;

When death shall us try, "Receive us," we'll cry,

For Jesus has loved us — no mortal knows why.

By grace we do find, to him we're so joined;

He'll not live in glory and leave us behind;

So this is the race we're running through grace

Henceforth, till admitted our Lord to embrace.

Now, this is my prayer, Poor mourners may share

Those blessings; O give them their hearts to prepare;

In trouble they cry, in prison they lie;

Lord, open their prison — thy promise apply.

Then sweetly they'll sing the grace of our King;

In Zion, as converts, good news they will bring:

In fellowship sweet thy children shall greet

These lambs as thy chosen, at Jesus' feet.

Thy Spirit impart — renewing the heart;

The sinners who feel it to action will start;

Then send them thy word — the witness afford,

To lead, guide, and teach them the way of the Lord.

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