Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #209: Dear Lord! Why Should I Doubt Thy Love

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The Christian

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209 (C.M.) John Newton

Dear Lord! why should I doubt Thy love,

Or disbelieve Thy grace?

Sure Thy compassions ne'er remove,

Although Thou hide Thy face.

Thy smiles have freed my heart from pain,

My drooping spirits cheered;

And wilt Thou not appear again,

Where Thou hast once appeared?

Dost Thou repent? wilt Thou deny

The gifts Thou hast bestow'd?

Or are those streams of mercy dry,

Which once so freely flowed?

Lord! let not groundless fears destroy

The mercies now possessed;

I'll praise for blessings I enjoy,

And trust for all the rest.

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