Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #211: Come My Heart And Let Us Try

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The Christian

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211 ( Joseph Hart

Come my heart and let us try

For a little season,

Every burden to lay by;

Come, and let us reason.

What is this that casts thee down?

Who are those that grieve thee?

Speak, and let the worst be known,

Speaking may relieve thee.

Christ by faith at times I see,

And He doth relieve me,

But my fears return again,

These are they that grieve me.

Troubles like the raging seas,

Feeble, faint and fearful,

Plagued with every sore disease,

How can I be cheerful?

Think on what your Saviour bore

In the gloomy garden,

Sweating blood from ev'ry pore

To procure thy pardon.

View Him hanging on the tree,

Bleeding, groaning, dying;

See, He suffers this for thee,

Therefore, cease from crying.

Joseph took His body down,

Wrappèd it in linen,

Laid it in the silent tomb,

And returnèd mourning.

Soon He rises from the tomb,

Angels fly from glory:

See how glory shines around! —

He has gone before you.

Brethren, don't you feel the flame?

Mourners, come, behold Him!

Let us join to praise His name,

Let us never grieve Him.

Soon we'll join to sing above,

Soon we'll be in heaven;

There we'll swim in seas of love,

And forever praise Him.

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