Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #212: I Am A Stranger Here Below

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The Christian

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212 (L.M.) Jesse Mercer

I am a stranger here below,

And what I am 'tis hard to know,

I am so vile, so prone to sin,

I fear that I'm not born again.

When I experience call to mind,

My understanding is so blind,

All feeling sense seems to be gone,

Which makes me fear that I am wrong.

I find myself out of the way;

My thoughts are often gone astray;

Like one alone I seem to be;

Oh! is there any one like me?

So far from God I seem to lie,

Which makes me often weep and cry;

I fear at last that I shall fall,

For if a saint, the least of all.

I seldom find a heart to pray,

So many things step in my way;

Thus filled with doubts, I ask to know;

Come, tell me, is it thus with you?

So, by experience, I do know

There's nothing good that I can do;

I can not satisfy the law,

Nor hope nor comfort from it draw.

My nature is so prone to sin,

Which makes my duty so unclean,

That when I count up all the cost,

If not free grace, then I am lost.

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