Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #215: On Willows, Near To Babel'S Flood

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The Christian

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215 (C.M.)

On willows, near to Babel's flood,

Our tuneless harps we hung,

While foes to us, and foes to God,

Said, "Sing us Zion's song."

When love, and zeal, and joy decline,

And darkness reigns within,

When doubts and fears assail the mind,

And we are grieved with sin,

While foes to us, and Zion's King,

Deride and spurn His grace,

Is it a time for us to sing,

In this dark, mournful case?

We call to mind those happier days

When praise was our employ,

But now we weep, in silent lays —

Yet tears, too, have their joy.

Rememb'ring, Lord, how once we felt,

When first from guilt set free,

We ask Thy love our hearts to melt,

And draw us back to Thee.

Let sorrows yield to Thine embrace;

Let guilt and darkness fly;

Then tuneful harps shall sound Thy praise

In strains of rapt'rous joy.

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