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Hymn #218: 'Tis A Point I Long To Know

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The Christian

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218 ( John Newton

'Tis a point I long to know,

Oft it causes anxious thought,

Do I love the Lord, or no?

Am I His, or am I not?

If I love, why am I thus?

Why this dull and lifeless frame?

Hardly, sure, can they be worse

Who have never heard His name.

When I turn my eyes within,

All is dark, and vain, and wild:

Filled with unbelief and sin,

Can I deem myself a child?

If I pray, or hear, or read,

Sin is mixed with all I do.

You that love the Lord indeed,

Tell me, is it thus with you?

Could I joy His saints to meet,

Choose the ways I once abhorred,

Find at times the promise sweet,

If I did not love the Lord?

Lord, decide the doubtful case,

Thou who art Thy people's sun,

Shine upon the work of grace,

If it be indeed begun.

Let me love Thee more and more,

If I love at all, I pray;

If I have not loved before,

Help me to begin today.

Hymn #217 Hymn #219