Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #222: Come, Tell Us Your Troubles, Ye Saints Of The Lord

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The Christian

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222 ( Jacob Bower

Come, tell us your troubles, ye saints of the Lord,

And tell us what comfort you've found in His word;

Although you're unworthy, in Jesus be bold,

Tell what a kind Saviour has done for your soul.

Tell how you discovered the state you were in,

How weary you felt with your burden of sin;

Come, tell us your sorrows, your doubts and your fear,

Your brethren are waiting and longing to hear.

It may be you thought, when you came to this place,

You'd tell us the happy effects of free grace,

But now you are doubting if you have believed,

And fear that the tempter your heart has deceived.

Perhaps you've discovered corruption within,

And think that a Christian feels nothing of sin;

Therefore, you do fear that your hopes are all vain,

And long for your burden of sorrow again.

Perhaps you are fearful if you should relate

Your little experience and your present state,

Through weakness you could not your feelings explain,

And as a deceiver you'd meet with disdain.

If these be your feelings do not fear to tell,

The lovers of Jesus remember them well;

For as with the heart man believes, it is said,

So unto salvation confession is made.

We look not for knowledge or anything great,

Experience alone we would have thee relate;

The meek and the humble are those that we love,

And these are the spirits our Lord doth approve.

Come, now, we'll attend to the glorious news,

Plead not your unworthiness for an excuse,

But come while we try to assist you by prayer,

And the angels in heaven will joyously hear.

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