Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #227: How Blest The Children Of The Lord

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The Christian

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227 (C.M.) Harriet Auber

How blest the children of the Lord,

Who, walking in His sight,

Make all the precepts of His word

Their study and delight.

That precious wealth shall be their dow'r,

Which cannot know decay,

Which moth or rust shall ne'er devour,

Nor spoiler take away.

For them that heav'nly light shall spread

Whose cheering rays illume

The darkest hours of life, and shed

A halo 'round the tomb.

Their works of piety and love,

Performed through Christ, their Lord,

Forever registered above,

Shall meet a sure reward.

Hymn #226 Hymn #228