Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #234: Oh, How Shall I Myself Assure

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The Christian

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234 (L.M.)

Oh, how shall I myself assure

That I am safe in Christ secure,

Or that I do in Him believe,

And from Him grace for grace receive?

When I with Christians do compare

My daily exercise and prayer,

I seem to fall so far behind,

That gloomy fears o'erwhelm my mind.

I read the precious word of God,

Which Jesus ratified with blood;

But while I read, my fears arise,

And hide the promise from my eyes.

I go to meeting as the rest,

To hear and learn, and to be blessed,

But while they're comforted in bliss,

My heart is like a rock of ice.

Or if I'm ever made to weep,

And weeping, rank with Jesus' sheep ;

Those comforts are but transient guests.

My blessings make but partial feasts.

Sometimes I seek some lonely place,

To muse and pray for greater grace,

But there can only groan and sigh;

Oh, what a wretched soul am I!

Others, I hear, say they have found

The Saviour precious all around;

But I am mostly cold and dead,

Which often makes me sore afraid.

Some Christians, when they come to die,

Seem full of joy, and long to fly,

But I have oft a tortured mind,

Lest I shall then be left behind.

Come, Christians dear, of ev'ry tongue,

Whose hearts and lips agree in one,

Unfold the truth, and let me know

If it indeed be so with you.

Are these the trials which you know?

Is this the gloomy way you go?

Come tell me quick, for Jesus' sake,

Or my poor heart must surely break.

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