Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #236: And May I Hope That When No More

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The Christian

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236 (L.M.) Joseph Swain

And may I hope that when no more

My pulse shall beat with life below,

I shall the God of grace adore,

And all the bliss of glory know?

I, who deserve no place but hell.

No portion but devouring fire,

Shall I with Christ my Saviour dwell,

Possessed of all I now desire?

Will Jesus own a wretch like me,

And tell to saints and angels round,

That when He suffered on the tree,

My sins did cause His ev'ry wound?

He will! I read it in His word,

And in my heart the witness feel;

I shall be with, and like my Lord,

Though sin oppose, in league with hell.

I shall be with Him when he comes

Triumphant down the pathless skies;

And when His voice breaks up the tombs,

Among His children I shall rise.

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