Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #237: Why, Mourning Soul, Why Flow These Tears

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The Christian

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237 (L.M.) John Dobell

Why, mourning soul, why flow these tears?

Why thus indulge thy doubts and fears?

Look to thy Saviour on the tree,

Who bore the load of guilt for thee.

Then cease thy sorrows, banish grief,

Though thou of sinners art the chief;

The wounds that make poor sinners grieve

Are healed when they in Christ believe.

Whom Jesus wounds, He wounds to heal —

Oh, 'tis a mercy thus to feel:

There's none can mourn while dead in sin;

Thine are the marks of life within.

Be of good cheer, on Him rely;

He'll pass thy great transgressions by;

And guide thee safely by His hand,

'Til thou shalt reach fair Canaan's land.

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