Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #238: Ye Sons Of God, While Here Below

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The Christian

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238 (L.M.) I. T. Saunders

Ye sons of God, while here below,

Through tribulation you must go;

Don't marvel, then, or be surprised

If you are hated and despised.

The world did first your Master hate,

And for His sake, you'll share His fate;

Don't think it strange or wonder, then,

If you're belied by wicked men.

They'll persecute you through this world;

With lies their banner is unfurled;

Their fiery darts will swiftly fly —

Their ends and means they'll justify.

The wicked will your souls pursue,

Both worldlings and professors, too;

To sink your standing and your fame,

With scandal they'll disgrace your name.

Should friends forsake and turn to foes,

And all the world your way oppose,

Do what is right; you've nought to fear

From foes without, within, or near.

The saints of God below are seen

Like sheep and lambs on mountains green,

Where wolves and lions 'round do roar

With rage — they're seeking to devour.

Though wolves may howl by day and night,

And men and devils vent their spite,

While Jesus is your Shepherd near,

The sheep and lambs should never fear.

Since Jesus died to save His sheep,

Cast off your fears and cease to weep;

The church of Christ's a chosen band,

Which soon He'll place at His right hand.

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