Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #242: Come All Ye Weary Pilgrims

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The Christian

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242 (

Come all ye weary pilgrims

Who feel your need of Christ,

Surrounded by temptations,

And by the world despised,

Attend to what I'll tell you,

My exercise I'll shew,

And then you may inform me

If it be so with you.

Long time I lived in darkness.

Nor saw my dang'rous state,

And when I was awakened

I thought it was too late:

A lost and helpless sinner,

Myself I plainly saw,

Exposed to God's displeasure,

Condemnèd by His law.

I thought the brute creation

Was better off than I;

I spent my days in anguish,

In pain and misery:

Through deep distress and sorrow,

My Saviour led me on,

Revealed to me His kindness,

When all my hopes were gone.

When first I was delivered,

I hardly could believe

That I, so vile a sinner,

Such favor should receive;

Although His solemn praises

Were flowing from my tongue,

Yet fears were oft suggested,

That yet I might be wrong.

But soon these fears were banished

And tears began to flow,

That I, so vile a sinner,

Should be belovèd so:

I thought my trials over,

And all my troubles gone,

And joy, and peace, and pleasure,

Should be my lot alone.

But now I find a warfare,

Which often bends me low,

The world, the flesh, and Satan,

They do beset me so:

Can one who is a Christian,

Have such a heart as mine?

I fear I never witnessed

Th'effects of love divine.

I find I'm often backward,

To do my Master's will,

Or else I want the glory

Of what I do fulfill.

In duties I feel weakness,

And oftentimes I find

A hard deceitful spirit,

And wretched wand'ring mind.

Sure others do not feel thus

What's often felt by me;

Such trials and temptations,

Perhaps they never see,

For I'm the chief of sinners,

I freely own with Paul;

Or if I am a Christian,

I am the least of all.

And now I have related

What trials I have seen,

Perhaps my brethren know what

Such sore temptations mean;

I've told you of my conflicts,

Believe, my friends, 'tis true,

And now you may inform me,

If it be so with you.

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