Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #243: I Love Thee, My Saviour, I Love Thee, My Lord

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The Christian

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243 (

I love Thee, my Saviour, I love Thee, my Lord;

I love Thy dear people, Thy ways and Thy word.

With tender emotion I love sinners too,

Since Jesus has died to redeem them from woe.

Thy Spirit first taught me to know I was blind,

Then taught me the way of salvation to find;

And when I was sinking in gloomy despair,

Thy mercy relieved me and bid me not fear.

My Jesus is precious — I can not forbear,

Though sinners despise me, His love to declare;

His love overwhelms me, had I wings, I'd fly

To praise Him in mansions prepared in the sky.

Hymn #242 Hymn #244