Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #244: I Would Not Weep Alway, Though Many A Tear

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The Christian

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244 (

I would not weep alway, though many a tear

Must fall on life's pathway, so lonely and drear;

But e'en in the desert, love's fountain is free,

And mercy's sweet words are as manna to me.

I would not smile alway, for oft on the air

Come deep sighs of anguish, the voice of despair,

Yet e'en for the wretched, whose hopes are all riv'n,

Still, still, there is joy, there is rapture in heav'n.

I would not fear alway, though error's dark clouds

Rise thick, the blest beacon of faith to enshroud:

The bright sun of righteousness shines through the gloom;

God's rainbow of promise o'erreaches the tomb.

But I would hope alway, 'til o'er my rapt soul

The waves of fruition unceasingly roll;

Then, then shall this restless, worn spirit be free;

My Saviour, 'tis waiting a summons from Thee.

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