Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #245: Awaked By Sinai'S Awful Sound

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The Christian

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245 (C.P.M.) Samson Occum

Awaked by Sinai's awful sound,

My soul in guilt and thrall I found,

And knew not where to go;

O'erwhelmed in sin, with anguish slain,

'Twas said I must be born again,

Or sink in endless woe.

Amazed I stood, but could not tell

Which way to shun the gates of hell,

For death and hell drew near;

I strove indeed, but strove in vain —

"The sinner must be born again,"

Still sounded in my ear.

When to the law I trembling fled,

It poured its curses on my head;

I no relief could find:

This fearful truth increased my pain,

"The sinner must be born again,"

O'erwhelmed my tortured mind.

The saints I heard with rapture tell

How Jesus conquered death and hell,

And broke the fowler's snare;

Yet when I found this truth remain,

"The sinner must be born again,"

I sunk in deep despair.

But while I thus in anguish lay,

Jesus of Naz'reth passed that way;

It was the time of love:

He then relieved me from my pain,

And showed me I was born again,

To dwell with him above.

To heav'n my joyful praises flew,

Singing that song forever new;

To Christ my voice did raise:

All hail the Lamb that once was slain,

Unnumbered millions born again

Shall shout thine endless praise.

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