Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #25: Great God, 'Tis From Thy Sovereign Grace

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Glories of God

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25 (C.M.) Benjamin Beddome

Great God, 'tis from Thy sovereign grace

That all my blessings flow ;

Whate'er I am, or do possess,

I to Thy mercy owe.

'Tis this my pow'rful lust controls,

And pardoned all my sin;

Spreads life and comfort through my soul,

And makes my spirit clean.

'Tis this upholds me while I live,

Supports me when I die;

And hence ten thousand saints receive

Their all, as well as I.

How full must be the springs from whence

Such various streams proceed!

The pasture cannot but be rich

On which so many feed.

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