Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #252: Lord, Didst Thou Die, But Not For Me

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The Christian

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252 (L.M.) K. Crittenden

Lord, didst Thou die, but not for me?

Am I forbid to trust Thy blood?

Is not Thy mercy rich and free,

Sealed in the kind, atoning flood?

Who then shall drive my trembling soul

From Thee to regions of despair?

Who has surveyed the sacred roll

And found my name not written there?

Presumptuous thought! to fix the bound,

To limit mercy's sov'reign reign:

What other happy souls have found

I'll seek, nor shall I seek in vain.

Lord, at Thy feet I'll cast me down,

To Thee reveal my guilt and fear;

And, if Thou spurn'st me from Thy throne —

I'll be the first who perished there.

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