Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #257: When First To Claim Me For His Own

Hymn #256 Hymn #258

The Christian

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257 (L.M.) John Newton

When first to claim me for His own,

The Lord revealed His mighty grace;

Self reigned, like Dagon, on the throne,

But could not long maintain its place.

It fell, and owned the pow'r divine —

Grace can with ease the vict'ry gain —

But soon this wretched heart of mine,

Contrived to set it up again.

Again the Lord His name proclaimed,

And brought the hateful idol low;

Then self, like Dagon, broken, maimed,

Seemed to receive a mortal blow.

Yet self is not of life bereft,

Nor ceases to oppose His will;

Though but a maimèd stump be left,

'Tis Dagon, 'tis an idol still.

Lord! must I always guilty prove,

And idols in my heart have room?

Oh, let the fire of heav'nly love,

The very stump of self consume!

Hymn #256 Hymn #258