Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #258: The Soul That'S Truly Born Of God

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The Christian

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258 (L.M.)

The soul that's truly born of God,

Delights to run the heav'nly road;

He mourns for sin, and hates the ways

Which lead to death — behold, he prays!

Grace is the theme his soul explores;

A God in Christ his soul adores;

Before the cross his fears he lays;

And now to God, behold, he prays!

He flies from works to Jesus' blood,

Yet proves by works he's born of God;

He runs with joy in Zion's ways

And to his God, behold, he prays!

In heav'n each praying soul shall see

Salvation was both rich and free,

And through eternal ages raise

His song where now, behold, he prays.

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