Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #267: My God, What Silken Cords Are Thine

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The Christian

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267 (C.M.) Philip Doddridge

My God, what silken cords are Thine!

How soft, and yet how strong!

While pow'r, and truth, and love combine

To draw our souls along.

Thou saw'st us crushed beneath the yoke

Of Satan and of sin:

Thy hand the iron bondage broke,

Our worthless hearts to win.

The guilt of twice ten thousand sins

One moment takes away,

And grace, when first the work begins,

Secures the crowning day.

Comfort through all this vale of tears

In rich profusion flows,

And glory of unnumbered years

Eternity bestows.

Drawn by such cords, we onward move,

'Til round Thy throne we meet;

And, captives in the chains of love,

Embrace our Conq'ror's feet.

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