Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #272: O How Happy Are They

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The Christian

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272 (P.M.) Charles Wesley

O how happy are they

Who the Saviour obey,

And whose treasures are laid up above!

There's no tongue can express

The sweet comfort and peace

Of a soul in its earliest love.

That sweet comfort was mine

When the favor divine

I first found in the blood of the Lamb;

When my heart first believed,

What a joy I received!

What a heaven in Jesus' name!

Jesus all the day long,

Was my joy and my song;

O that more his salvation might see:

He hath loved me, I cried,

He hath suffered, and died

To redeem such a rebel as me.

On the wings of his love

I was carried above

Ev'ry sin, and temptation, and pain!

I could scarcely believe

That I ever should grieve,

That I ever should suffer again.

O the rapturous height

Of the holy delight,

Which I felt in the sin-cleansing blood!

Of my Saviour possessed,

I was perfectly blest —

Overwhelmed in the fullness of God.

Now, my remnant of days

Would I spend to his praise,

Who hath died my poor soul to redeem;

Whether many or few,

All my years are his due,

May they all be devoted to him.

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