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Hymn #278: My Sorrows Like A Flood

Hymn #277 Hymn #279

The Christian

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278 (S.M.) Isaac Watts

My sorrows like a flood,

Impatient of restraint,

Into Thy bosom, O my God,

Pour out a long complaint.

This impious heart of mine

Could once defy the Lord,

Could rush with violence on to sin

In presence of Thy sword.

How often have I stood

A rebel to the skies,

And yet, and yet, O matchless grace,

Thy thunder silent lies!

O'ercome by matchless love,

Here at Thy cross I lie,

And throw my flesh, my soul, my all,

And weep, and love, and cry.

"Rise," says the Saviour, "Rise,

Behold my wounded veins;

Here flows a sacred crimson flood,

To wash away thy stains."

See, Justice satisfied!

Behold God's smiling face!

Let joyful songs be lifted up

To sound aloud His grace.

Hymn #277 Hymn #279