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Hymn #279: Thou Dear Redeemer, God

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The Christian

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279 (S.M.) I. T. Saunders

Thou dear Redeemer, God,

With shame I do confess

That daily I deserve Thy rod

Because I still transgress.

My wretched heart is hard,

And prone to ev'ry ill;

My Father's rod does make me smart

And mourn my stubborn will.

I often go astray;

My thoughts I can't control,

Nor can I find a heart to pray

While lifeless in my soul.

I think I do esteem

My brethren in the Lord

Far better than myself, indeed,

And worthy of regard.

They seem to shine so bright,

And praise the Lord with zeal,

And worship Thee with such delight

As I do want to feel.

With truth they will not part,

And Christ is all their theme;

Thy blessèd cause is near their hearts —

To me they lovely seem.

Dear Lord, the work is Thine,

The work of grace begun;

My stubborn heart to Thee incline

To pray Thy will be done.

Thy righteousness and grace,

Good Lord, is all my plea;

Before Thy Heav'nly Father's face,

Dear Lord, remember me!

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