Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #287: I'M But A Wandering Pilgrim Here

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The Christian

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287 (C.M.) John R. Daily

I'm but a wandering pilgrim here,

This world is not my home,

I seek a rest beyond this sphere,

A city yet to come.

Beyond the veil by faith I see

A calm and heavenly rest,

Where I shall be eternally

With saints and angels blest.

My journey through this vale of tears

Is fraught with trials sore.

My heart is often filled with fears,

As dangers hover o'er.

Though thus oppressed with grievous cares,

At times the Lord appears,

Delivers from the tempter's snares,

And drives away my fears.

Sometimes dark clouds shut out the light

And gloomy is the hour,

My way is lost and I seem quite

O'ercome by Satan's power.

Though for a while my way I grope

In darkness and dismay,

Returning light restores my hope,

And drives my doubts away.

Sometimes my pathway seems to lie

Through deserts bleak and drear.

For want of sustenance I sigh,

And death seems very near.

Yet now and then a fertile place

Where living waters flow.

Assures me that redeeming grace

Meets all my wants below.

But soon I'll reach that heav'nly land,

My journey will be o'er,

And with the ever-blissful band

I'll dwell forevermore.

Eternal rest in heav'n above,

From sin and sorrow free;

I there shall bask in seas of love,

In blest eternity.

Hymn #286 Hymn #288