Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #288: Thy People, Lord, Have Ever Found

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The Christian

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288 (C.M.) Philip Doddridge

Thy people, Lord, have ever found

'Tis good to bear Thy rod;

Afflictions make us learn Thy will

And live upon our God.

This is the comfort we enjoy,

When new distress begins;

We read Thy word, we run Thy way,

And hate our former sins.

Thy judgments, Lord, are always right,

Though they may seem severe;

The sharpest suff'rings we endure

Flow from Thy faithful care.

Before we knew the chast'ning rod,

Our feet were apt to stray;

But now we learn to keep Thy word,

Nor wander from Thy way.

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