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Hymn #290: Ye Friends Of Religion, I Pray Give Attention

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The Christian

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290 (

Ye friends of religion, I pray give attention;

I'll tell you what Jesus has done for my soul:

A sinner by nature, a sinner by practice,

An unworthy sinner by grace was made whole.

I saw that my heart was a seat of corruption,

And my best performance could do me no good;

I cried out for mercy, "Lord Jesus, relieve me!

Or I must be spurned from the presence of God."

But mercy, free mercy, that still interposes,

And pleads for the vilest of sinners like me;

God's goodness appeared in the suffering of Jesus,

And opened a way for to set my soul free.

God's justice requirèd a sinless obedience,

And I was ashamed, and I fell to the ground;

Then Jesus appeared, and He quickly relieved me,

And that very moment the pardon I found.

I soon did discover my guilt was removèd,

And I was delivered from under the law;

For Christ's pure obedience, when strictly examined

By justice, it would not admit of one flaw.

On this I depend for my justification,

When I must appear in the judgment to come,

And for my adoption and sanctification,

And true perseverance, until I get home.

Now, if I have told you a Christian experience,

In token of fellowship give me your hand;

We'll join in sweet union, in Christian devotion,

And glorify Jesus as well as we can.

And if you'll agree to this, my short experience,

And join in a contract to serve my dear Lord,

My soul will rejoice, and I'll call you my kindred,

And patiently wait for my glorious reward.

And when we've accomplished our days as an hireling,

We then shall lay down these vile bodies of clay;

We'll join with those spirits who've entered before us,

To sing of redemption through Jesus's blood;

We'll cease to complain of temptation and sorrow,

We'll enter the city, and then we'll get home:

All glory, all glory, all glory to Jesus!

The saint is at rest, and set down on his throne.

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