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Hymn #292: How Sweet To Reflect On The Day When My Saviour

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The Christian

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292 (P.M.) John R. Daily

How sweet to reflect on the day when my Saviour

Relieved my poor soul of its burden of grief;

My spirit rejoices to think of the favor,

Which Jesus bestowed when He gave me relief.

My heart takes delight in the fond recollection

Of peaceful repose, and the joy that I felt,

When from my Creator parental affection

Poured into my heart, as before him I knelt.

When I was a youth in the broad road of folly,

In sin and rebellion, an alien from God,

I viewed not myself as a sinner unholy;

I knew not to death led the pathway I trod.

I trusted alone in good works for salvation;

I looked not to Jesus for life, light, and peace;

I thought by good deeds I could shun condemnation,

And gain heav'nly favors, that never should cease.

But when my dear Saviour, in sweet loving kindness,

Revealed unto me my condition in sin,

I found I had always been dwelling in blindness:

Contrary to God had my steps ever been.

I found I was left in a helpless condition;

My sins all arose like a vast, gloomy cloud.

My heart sank within me in humble contrition;

To God for assistance I shouted aloud.

I cried in despair, "If Thou canst, Lord, have mercy!"

A light shone within me — the tempest was calm;

I rose, singing praises to God for His mercy;

I shouted, "Oh, glory to God and the Lamb!"

My burden was gone, and my sorrow was ended;

My spirit rejoiced in the love of the Lord;

I felt that my heart with His people was blended;

I claimed the sweet promises found in His word.

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