Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #295: With Melting Heart And Weeping Eyes

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The Christian

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295 (L.M.) John Fawcett

With melting heart and weeping eyes,

My guilty soul for mercy cries;

What shall I do, or whither flee,

T'escape the vengeance due to me?

'Til now, I saw no danger nigh;

I lived at ease, nor feared to die.

Wrapped up in self-deceit and pride,

"I shall have peace at last," I cried.

But when, great God, Thy light divine

Had shone on this dark soul of mine,

Then I beheld with trembling awe

The terrors of Thy holy law.

How dreadful now my guilt appears,

In childhood, youth, and growing years!

Before Thy pure discerning eye,

Lord, what a filthy wretch am I!

Should vengeance still my soul pursue,

Death and destruction are my due;

Yet mercy can my guilt forgive,

And bid a dying sinner live.

Does not Thy sacred word proclaim

Salvation free in Jesus' name?

To Him I look, and humbly cry,

"Oh, save a wretch condemned to die!"

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